Useful Duncan and Bacon Links

This page contains links related to the descendents of Robert Duncan and Rebecca Bacon.

Personal pages of descendents of Robert Duncan & Rebecca Bacon

George Comer Duncan, Jr.
Sean C. Duncan
W. Warren Craghead III

Genealogy research pages

Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson's DUNCAN Genealogy Research Files

With the following sub-pages of interest for our family:

This has been one of the most useful starting places for us in tracking down information about any of the Duncans. The Virginia pages are especially helpful for Robert Duncan, Rebecca Bacon, and their immediate descendents, while the Arkansas pages are somewhat helpful for information on Col. Robert A. Duncan. Dobson gives us census information, references to estate records, land records, and deeds. A note, however: Her transcriptions are often incomplete and occasionally inaccurate -- we found this out first-hand when transcribing a few of the deeds ourselves. Still, the most useful source we've found yet to point us to primary sources of genealogical data.

This is the main page for the Louisa County, Va. Genealogy Project. They have been extremely kind and helpful to us in our search for any information about the early Duncans in Louisa County, and their links to Louisa County information has been very useful to us.

Family trees

Edmund Bacon of England and Virginia

This gives us some leads as to the Bacon side of the family, here listing Rebecca Bacon's grandfather and his descendents. Which is related to the next link...

Bacon Family 1066-1702

A webpage linking to the Edmund Bacon which is our ancestor, tying everything back to the approximate year 1066 (!), and the oldest known Bacon ancestor, Grimaldus.

The Clopton Family

Rebecca Bacon's sister Sarah married into the Clopton family.

More to come!

Please email us if you have any information about the Duncans, or are related to us!